Alien wavelength - Easy scalability of your network.

Alien wavelength is a technology which helps to increase the capacity of the existing DWDM networks.
Alien wavelength is a technology which helps to increase the capacity of existing DWDM networks.

Even if the network was originally designed for 10G channels there is a high probability you can use it for 100G/200G services. This solution enables you to connect “alien” devices directly into the DWDM multiplexer to obtain extra capacity or deploy encrypted services.

Most importantly, it eliminates the need for big investments in infrastructure as additional wavelengths are easily added at any time.The development of 5G and IoT technologies, 4K/8K content and advancing automation have all led to demands for ever higher capacity. A big ongoing challenge for service providers.

There are a number of reasons why companies decide to deploy alien wavelength technologies such as:

  • Wavelength optimization becomes necessary as companies run out of wavelength in existing multiplexers,
  • New, vital services can’t be launched on the existing network platform or devices,
  • A rapid increase in the volume of services generated by key clients,
  • The necessity for encrypted transmission,
  • The wish to incorporate new services into the company’s offer.

In today’s changing and demanding environment it is necessary for service providers to be able to respond quickly to every demand for capacity. An ideal solution would be one that allows for capacity to be added to a given system at any time.

But is that enough? If you want to increase the competitiveness of your services, you should take into consideration not only purchase costs but also those for management and maintenance services. By doing this operational costs can be kept to a relatively low level.

This can be approached in a number of ways and most importantly, none of them requires significant changes or additional investment in DWDM infrastructure. Among the options, you can choose from are:

  • A muxponder-based solution which allows for aggregation of lower throughput traffic to a single lambda of 100G/200G capacity. The greater the range of the aggregated traffic, the more universal the muxponder will be. Today, the most popular services are: 10/40/100GbE, 8/16/32G FC and OTU2/OTU3/OTU4
  • A transponder-based solution which enables you to use the existing network for 100GbE/OTU4 transmission with 100G/200G lambdas,
  • An encryption device which enables you to encrypt the necessary transmission in layer 1 and then transport it over the existing DWDM infrastructure.

One of the most important advantages of alien wavelength solutions is their economic justification. It’s hard to predict how the demand for bandwidth will rise in different network nodes, yet at the same time we want to avoid large investments in infrastructure. This is why compact devices seem to be perfect for this purpose as they are both easy to use and energy efficient.

When providing encryption services it is vital to separate the roles of network administrator (services provider) from cryptography administrator (end-user). To sum up, alien wavelength solutions enable us to release the potential of DWDM networks by increasing spectrum efficiency.

Moreover, they facilitate the deployment of new services and secure sensitive data. All this is done at the same time as extending the lifespan of existing infrastructure.

Are you wondering how this solution can help you? Which additional services you will be able to deploy or what savings you can achieve? Or maybe, you hesitate wondering if this solution is for you?

Our mission is to select the best possible solutions to meet the requirements of the fast-changing telecommunications world and to guarantee efficient functioning and high returns on investment.  

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