Kraków University of Technology and Salumanus – A New Phase of Cooperation

We’re launching a new round of our training programme for IT students at the Kraków University of Technology.
Salumanus is embarking on a new phase of cooperation with the Kraków University of Technology with a new round of our training programme for IT students.
Future engineers are also invited to join internships and practicums within the framework of the Salumanus Career Laboratory.

After a brief hiatus caused by the pandemic, applied computer science students from the Faculty of Mechanics of the Kraków University of Technology (WM PK) will be the first to return to the classroom to study advanced DCN switch configuration during a workshop led by our experts. The syllabus will also include security mechanisms, logging and routing. Salumanus will treat them to a certified training course that has previously been delivered to more than 400 professional network admins.

We are really happy about this new opening in our cooperation with Salumanus. The opportunity to take advantage of their courses, internships and practicums will provide our students with valuable skills to set their CV apart once they enter the job market as engineers”, says Professor Andrzej Białkiewicz, Rector of the Kraków University of Technology.

We come with experienced trainers and solid testing equipment that allows us to simulate real-world conditions. Once again, we offer all this within the framework of our cooperation with the Kraków University of Technology”, explains Marcin Bała, CEO of Salumanus.

Students of the Kraków University of Technology are already familiar with the DCN equipment from their campus-based network lab which, thanks to Salumanus, has been active at the Department of Applied Computer Science since 2018. The company has equipped the lab with devices such as, for instance, L3 Enterprise DCN switches and cables.

Within the framework of the partnership, Salumanus engineers deliver lectures on network management; in this academic year, they also participated in consultations concerning the new curriculum of the applied computer science programme.

IT students from all the faculties of the Kraków University of Technology who are interested in optical networks and data transmission are also invited to take part in the Salumanus Career Laboratory programme of practicums and internships, which allows students of technical colleges and universities to join real technical teams. This will allow them to participate in real-world projects and learn from a mentor. Those who show the greatest commitment may even land a permanent work contract with Salumanus.

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