Marcin Bala's a speaker at RONOG 7

The meeting of the Romanian Network Operators Group will take place on 29 September. At it, we will present practical aspects of the use of xWDM technology.

RONOG conference brings together people sharing the same interests while sharing a diversity of ideas, experiences, and opinions.

At the invitation of the organisers, Marcin Bala, CEO of Salumanus, will be a speaker. The expert, who describes himself as an evangelist of xWDM solutions, will talk about practical aspects of using this technology. He has prepared specific examples of xWDM system implementations along with calculations of the profitability of these investments.

- The simplest way to describe what xWDM technology gives us is to compare it to virtualization. The same as for computing virtualization allows you to run a few virtual machines on single hardware; the same xWDM help send a few independent transmissions over the same fiber - announced Marcin Bała.

The event will be hosted by InterLAN and will take place at JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel.

For more information: RONOG

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