Native Video Transport

One of the main challenge of the broadcast market is transporting multiple SDI native video streams in real time between different media centers.

One of the main challenge of the broadcast market is transporting multiple SDI native video streams in real time between different media centers, for broadcasting live events and processing sites and satellite locations effectively.

PacketLight’s optical fiber transport solution enables broadcasters use dark fiber or OTN infrastructure to reach this goal.

In addition SD/HD/3G-SDI video requires copper-based or optical interfaces, pathological pattern encoding schemes and support for different video rates. All above are supported by the PacketLight Native Video Transport solution. Both muxponder and transponder solutions support a variety of video interfaces such as, SD-SDI, HD-SDI, 3G-SDI and DVB-ASI, as a common part of the optical and fiber network solution, seamlessly integrating without the need for external converters.

The solutions enable broadcast companies and carriers to utilize existing optical transport network and/or dark fiber for cost effective, managed video transport. That solution have an integrated network management modules which provides full monitoring and control, alarms and other diagnostic capabilities.

PacketLight’s 20G OTN ADM Muxponder (PL-2000) is effective, low cost, and easy to operate multi-protocol solution for optical transport network. It provide flexible aggregation layer of different kind of services into transport layers using 2x10G OTU2 uplink trunks. Device maps up to 16 multi-rate, bi-directional services

Supported services include:

  • FE/GbE
  • 1/2/4G FC
  • STM-1/4/16

With this aggregation method, the muxponder increases network capacity and maximizes fiber usage, which translates to fewer wavelengths, filters as well as network management, maintenance complexities and cost.

The OTU2 standard uplink enables the connection on the PL-2000 to any carrier OTU2 gray service or as alien wavelength over existing infrastructure. PacketLight’s 200G Single Wavelength Muxponder (PL-2000M) enables high throughput of 200G per wavelength, and supports a mix of 4K IP video together with SDI video. This solution facilitates the combination of legacy and IP video transport over DWDM and OTN networks.Supported services include:

  • 10/40/100GbE
  • 8/16/32G FC
  • STM-64

The PL-2000M can operate together with the PL-2000 OTU2 uplink to aggregate SDI video interfaces.

PacketLight's video interface is a small form factor, pluggable, copper SFP that is plugged directly into the PL-2000 muxponder client port. The video SFP module provides an extremely small footprint O2E (optical-to-electrical) and E2O (electrical-2-optical) conversion without the need to support multiple, external bulky converters with their own power source.

Each video interface supports the commonly used DVB/SDI signals up to 2.97Gbps with embedded re-clockers, cable drivers, equalizers and monitoring capabilities. Solution maintenance and spare parts are minimal as the pluggable SFP module that supports Tx and Rx covers the entire spectrum of video rates, through auto detecting the video rate and user configuration.

PacketLight’s DWDM/OTN muxponder solutions reduce the fiber needed for native SDI video and IP data transport applications between remote sites, cutting infrastructure costs and enabling carriers to add video services on top of their existing OTN metro or long haul backbone infrastructure.

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