SRD Go: mobile database of GBC Photonics transceivers

Salumanus has created the SRD Go application to help network engineers manage their optical transceiver inventory.
SRD Go application enables rapid checking of technical details and compatibility of GBC Photonics inserts. It saves time and reduces the risk of installing the wrong device.

You only need to scan the label of the optical transceiver to access the technical data and the currently programmed compatibility of the device. This information is stored in GBC Photonics,  private cloud, and updated on a regular basis.  

“We know that network engineers work under time pressure. There is no room for error. The SRD Go app gives online access to the compatibility database. This tool allows you to work more efficiently, without tedious searching for technical documentation”, says Andrzej Wojnar, Director of the Salumanus Optical Transceivers Department.

GBC Photonics, Salumanus’ own brand, currently offers several hundred types of optical transceivers. Each can be programmed to be compatible with the network equipment of major vendors. The manufacturer currently has the widest range of 400G transceivers on the market. The brand’s portfolio includes universal optical transceivers whose configurations can be changed freely and repeatedly using the GBC Photonics Smart Recode Device (SRD).

“Until now we have used stickers with information about current compatibility. This is not an optimal solution. Transceivers are small devices, so their basic technical data, necessarily, are written in small print. Besides this, compatibility information can change because a transceiver can be reprogrammed many times. The SRD Go app means convenient working and less risk of error”, the expert points out.

The SRD Go app is available for the phone systems:



In the GBC Photonics SRD environment, other changes have also been made. Salumanus has abandoned the use of Java components in the SRD device application. Instead, the software was compiled in Electron. This is a more secure and stable solution. An additional update also enables GBC Photonics SRD in MacOS.

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