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img 4.March 2021

Native Video Transport

One of the main challenge of the broadcast market is transporting multiple SDI native video streams in real time between different media centers, for broadcasting live events and processing sites and satellite locations effectively.

img 2.February 2021

The versatility of GBC Photonics 100G single and dual rate transceivers thanks to GBC Photonics Simple Recode Device

An SRD is one element of an ecosystem built on a private GBC Photonics cloud which hosts thousands of codes that the user of optical transceivers can benefit from when utilising this device.

img 25.January 2021

GBC Photonics 100G single and dual rate optical transceivers - the applications.

The third part of the article about 100G modules.

img 5.January 2021

GBC Photonics 100G single and dual rate optical transceivers - inner construction.

The second part of the article about GBC Photonics products. Today - internal construction.

img 22.December 2020

GBC Photonics 100G single and dual rate optical transceivers - DML and EML lasers.

The aim of the four articles about optical transceivers is to familiarise potential users with the technology applied in the modules, potential solutions, functional differences, areas of application and possible integration with other GBC Photonics products. Today about DML and EML lasers.

img 25.August 2020

Active or passive solutions?

There are two methods of building networks using WDM technology. We will help you make the right decision and choose a solution that best suits your network.

img 22.July 2020

Introduction to VLAN - one network or many networks?

When the number of network users and endpoint devices grows, we don't always want everyone to be able to communicate with each other without any restrictions. Additionally, due to the different nature of the tasks performed by users, a different configuration of the network is required.

img 08.July 2020


Combining the best features of both CWDM and DWDM technologies enables us to meet the increasing demand for broadband

img 30.June 2020

The power of a single fibre

Do you want to find out more what else you can send having just one optical fibre, without using magic?

img 23.June 2020

Muxponders – maximizing fibre networks

What should be done “not to waste” an optical channel for single services, e.g. 10 Gbps? With help, there comes muxponder technology which enables you to aggregate a great number of services in a single wavelength.

img 16.June 2020

Does a universal optical transceiver exist?

Have you ever experienced a situation when after arriving at the installation site and inserting a transceiver into an appropriate port of a switch or a router with the aim of setting up a fibre-optic link you unexpectedly saw a notice: “transceiver unsupported”?

img 09.June 2020

Extending 100 Gbps transmission

Together with the increasing demand for bandwidth, network owners face more and more challenges. How to send 100 Gbps transmission at long distances?

img 02.June 2020

Data Centre Interconnect

It is possible to find a more economical solution which, at the same time, will enable you the scalability of your network?

img 26.May 2020

Understanding coherent transmission

How coherent transmission may help your company to gain competitive advantage and optimise costs.

img 19.May 2020

DWDM – what it is and why you need it?

DWDM systems are a fundamental element of the current global networks and it is hard to imagine how it was before the systems were introduced, although their history is shorter than… 20 years.

img 13.May 2020

Alien wavelength - Easy scalability of your network.

Alien wavelength is a technology which helps to increase the capacity of the existing DWDM networks.

img 7.May 2020

Cryptography in optical networks. Is your data secure?

It is commonly believed that optical fibres are much safer than copper infrastructure. Unfortunately, it is not true.


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