Environmental awareness

We design network solutions that respect the environment. Our systems are less energy-intensive, while our devices can be flexibly used for various applications, which helps reduce e-waste.

Easier on the planet

GBC Photonics Universal Optical Module

The transceiver may be reprogrammed multiple times with a GBC Photonics SRD device to ensure services at various speeds, adapted to the existing fibre-optic infrastructure, so it will continue to be useful even if network parameters change.

GBC Photonics coherent transceivers

Coherent transceivers allow the topology of a DWDM network to be simplified by eliminating the need for transponders, generating energy savings of up to 80-90%.

GBC Photonics InterConnection

Because it can combine several technologies in a single solution, the system allows you to reduce the demand for server room space. It does not need to be powered, so you can run an informed, eco-friendly business.

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