Ethernet Demarcation Devices (EDD) facilitate a logical separation between a subscribers’ network and an operators’ network together with report generation based on Y.1564, Y.1731 measurements standards. Moreover, these solutions offer support for SLA, IEEE802.3ah OAM, 802.1 ag CFM, which enables an easy setup, combination, testing and monitoring of the services quality according to an approved SLA level. G.8032/G.8031 protection mechanisms and advanced QoS guarantee the highest level of services for the most demanding users, while the ability to implement Sync-E enables the usage of the devices in Mobile Backhaul operators’ networks. Ethernet Demarcation Devices operate in compliance to CE 2.0 standard, which enables them to provide services like E-line, E-LAN, E-Tree, E-Access.
Together with network devices we offer workshops of different scope and level, from beginner to advanced. Our experienced network engineers provide technical support both at the stage of network design, products selection and switches configuration.

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