GBC Photonics’s InterConnection System is designed both for small server rooms and big Data Centres. Our portfolio of available products includes high quality plug-and-play cassettes for fibre optic solutions – Single Mode and OM4 Multimode, as well as Category 6A copper solutions

    Key features of our product:

  • rapid installation without the use of any tools – no matter whether you need a fibre optic or copper connection, all the necessary elements have been tested and are ready for use;
  • modularity – the heart of the InterConnection System is 1U rack shelf which enables the installation of 4 independent units owing to which you can make full use of the space available. Now, 1U rack shelf enables the installation of single mode, multimode and copper connections within 1U;
  • maximum density – a proper arrangement of the cassettes and the size of the front patch panels allows you to make full use of the space available; maintaining the modularity and simplicity of installation we can achieve 96LC connectors in 1U;
  • high quality and durability – all elements of the system are made of high quality aluminium which protects the fibres inside the cassettes.

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