LAN networks


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A stable foundation. Complete security.

Network switches are indispensable network components. They provide a stable foundation, a core around which you can safely build more advanced systems.

DCN switches are designed for the most demanding environments and will work for any integration project:

  • for telecom companies and internet providers,
  • in LANs, building infrastructure: in security systems, CCTV, access control systems, Data Centres,
  • in the HoReCa sector, healthcare centers,universities, office buildings, sports infrastructure.

We are the exclusive distributor of DCN products in Poland. Our long-term cooperation with the manufacturer puts us in a position of a trusted partner who can have an impact on device development. The security mechanisms implemented in DCN switches enable the optimal management of all connected users and fully safeguard the network against any unauthorised access. Thanks to their high bandwidth and a non-blocking matrix, as well as full VLAN table support, they are perfect for use in high-performance operator networks.

Alongside our equipment, we also offer training courses at different levels, as well as technical support from highly-qualified engineers, in the areas of network design, equipment selection and adapter configuration.

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WiFi networks

Wireless communication first.

The wireless network is often thefirst thing we check out at a hotel, restaurant or shopping mall. A strongsignal, failure-free operation, and user security are guaranteed by the latestIEEE802.11ax connectivity standard, or Wi-Fi 6.

 Wi-Fi 6 considerably boosts networkperformance in networks with many devices that simultaneously connect to theinternet, such as PCs, smartphones, TV receivers, or IoT accessories.

 Improved network parameters arefurther ensured by MIMO (multiple input/multiple output), a technology thatallows you to use more than four streams to increase throughput, as well as theOFDMA (orthogonal frequency division multiple access) technology, which divideseach radio channel into several dozen or more subchannels.

 Our engineers design and implementWi-Fi 6 networks based on DCN devices, which we deliver under an exclusivedistribution licence.

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