GBC Photonics specializes in the production of top quality devices for data transmission dedicated to telecommunication companies, ICT systems integrators and Internet Service Providers. GBC Photonics’s offer includes optical transceivers, multiplexers and EDFA amplifiers used in xWDM systems. Additionally, GBC Photonics portfolio includes splitters, attenuators, patchcords and rack interconnection systems.


DCN is an established vendor which offers a wide range of Ethernet switches. It has a long-standing experience in designing and developing the features of its devices and guarantees a professional technical support. DCN’s products can be used in LAN as well as in metro access and aggregation networks.

Raisecom Technology offers a wide range of reliable telecommunication devices such as inversion multiplexers, media converters, PDH optical multiplexers, SDH terminals, CWDM systems, Ethernet switches and PON solutions.

CTC Union Technologies specializes in the production of highly efficient and reliable devices for data transmission, conversion and analysis in telecommunication systems. CTC Union’s products meet the highest quality standards and guarantee the stability of the system work

Light Optics is a provider of good quality optical transceivers, media converters and xWDM solutions offered at a reasonable price. Its target clients are ISPs and systems integrators.