We create a community of people who want to grow professionally in a very dynamic sector, striving for perfection in the field of telecommunication networks. We bet on long-term cooperation. We support each other in our professional growth. We play for the same team.

Marcin Bała

President of the Management Board Salumanus

A graduate of the Kraków University of Technology with an MBA degree from the Kraków University of Economics. A manager who successfully combines business, technology and effective company building, based on experience and a skilful analysis of the future of the sector.

He has been part of Salumanus since 2008. Over the past decade, he has risen through the ranks: from technical support engineer, through department director, all the way to company CEO (January 2021). He loves tracing patterns and relationships, working out how things fit together and what they lead to.

He is a preacher of the gospel of xWDM. His passion for network solutions is something he can talk about endlessly.

Magdalena Podgórska

Salumanus Management Board Member
HR Director

A graduate of the Silesian University in Katowice, Pedagogical University of Kraków, University of Physical Education in Kraków, with a postgraduate diploma from the AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków.

A HR expert and, previously, an English teacher and translator. She has supported the growth of the company since the start and joined Salumanus as a permanent team member in 2010. She works to create friendly workplaces, support staff growth and promote team-building.

We work with the best!

Goal-focused, solution-oriented.

Rafał Kościelniak
Strategic Sales Director

A graduate of the Management ICAN Institute, he is a manager who decided to throw in his lot with the field of sales and management. He came on board in 2008, starting out as a Key Accounts Manager, and today, he works as a Strategic Sales Director. He is an expert at forging and maintaining long-term business relations.

Zuzanna Jasnosz
Sales Engineer

Zuza is very driven and has a positive outlook on life. She appreciates Salumanus for its dynamics, its constant training opportunities, and the feeling of “moving forward” that it gives her.

Jakub Kolasiak
Junior Product Manager

Jakub specialises in wave multiplexing and network device configuration. He came to Salumanus as an intern and it wasn’t long before the world of transmission systems swallowed him up completely.

Andrzej Wojnar
Director of Optical Transceivers Department

He looks inside bits and photons and sometimes even splits them. Andrzej is an expert in fibre-optic transmission, an engineer and a manager with the soul of an artist. After work, he is an avid photographer and lover of oenology.

Karol Krzysztofek
Key Account Manager

An engineer with the soul of a trader. Down-to-earth and matter-of-fact, he enjoys watching the growth of the Energylandia Fun Park, one of the most important network projects of his career thus far.

Milena Yang
International Sales

Milena consistently works to build our brand recognition among foreign partners. Her priority is to achieve tangible results.

Rafał Leśny
Technical Support Engineer

Rafał has immense experience in network planning. He has worked in the telecommunication industry for more than 20 years. His role is to assist our clients in configuring their network devices.

Łukasz Sukiennik
Director of Transmission Systems Department

Involved and genuinely fascinated by optical transmission. The more difficult the engineering challenge, the greater his enthusiasm. He works by design: he researches the customer's needs and looks for customised, original solutions.

Zbyszek Gawryło
Key Account Manager

He keeps an eye on priorities. Has been consistently growing in the telecommunications industry for 30 years. For the past 5 years, Zbyszek has been building recognition of Salumanus innovative network solutions among operators and integrators.

Michał Owca
Product Manager

He is involved in the development of the GBC Photonics SRD environment. Michał develops and implements product strategies with passion and enthusiasm. As an experienced manager, he knows how to successfully bring products and new ideas to market.

Łukasz Bogdanik
Product Development Manager

He enjoys talking with people. He is responsible for dealing with Salumanus suppliers from all over the world. Łukasz negotiates and enforces the right quality of the components ordered, but also builds relationships with our partners.  Analyses technological trends and translates them into product development.

Grzegorz Róż
Director of Network Products Department

LANs and wireless connectivity are his speciality. His passion is to build connections between the needs of the client, the integrator and the DCN brand. Grzegorz has been involved in the IT and telecom industry for many years.

Maciej Pałka
Electronic Sales Systems Manager

He is organised, friendly, and to the point. Maciej enjoys asking questions and can listen carefully.  Continuously develops the B2B platform to make it an intuitive and helpful tool for networking professionals.

Artur Jochymek
Marketing specialist

A man of many talents. Computer scientist by training, who found his vocation in digital marketing. He designs, records, edits and organises. A great team player, he brings creativity and optimism to every task.

Andrzej Konicki
Technical support engineer

Likes to talk, so customer contact and service support give him great satisfaction. Never gives up. Witty and patient, he answers all technical questions effectively. Speaks Chinese, plays the organ and loves nature.

Maciej Kotowicz
Sales Director

He manages teams of salespeople professionally. However, people are more important to him than spreadsheets. That is why in Salumanus he appreciates the atmosphere on a daily basis, mutual help and cooperation.Maciej's superpowers are strategic planning and market needs analysis.

Paweł Czechowski
Purchasing and data verification specialist

Keeps an eye on the order of GBC Photonics transceivers. He negotiates with suppliers, monitors stock levels and ensures that product descriptions are correct. He is not afraid of working in tables, enjoys contact with people worldwide.

Rafał Zabdyr
Head of Logistics

Logistics is in his blood. Thanks to him, the Salumanus warehouse runs like clockwork. Orders arrive on time and network equipment from GBC Photonics , DCN Europe and PacketLight Networks is always available.

Mateusz Pyś
International logistics specialist

Matthew has been working with us for more than five years. He enjoys the fact that there is always something going on in logistics. There is no boredom - instead, there are ambitious challenges and working between different teams of people. Matthew is warm-hearted, collegial and very well organised.

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