Layer 3 Access Switches provide a comprehensive support for multicast technology and, at the same time, for advanced DHCP server and client functions, QoS algorithms and PIM router function (PIM-SM, PIM-DM, PIM-SSM), which makes them ideal solutions for Telecom and ISP sector. Layer 3 solutions provide support for typical routing protocols of RIP, OSFP, BGP type both for IPv4 and IPv6. The switches are equipped with options for power supply over the Ethernet connection (PoE/PoE+), PoE scheduling and PoE auto-reset, and can offer attractive solutions both for CCTV and HORECA sectors and for systems integrators owing to their applications in a variety of projects. Owing to high capacity, wire speed and the ability to support the entire VLAN table, the switches can be used in the demanding environment of high capacity operators’ networks. The implemented security mechanisms provide protection from sending unauthorized traffic and attacks on your network.
Together with network devices we offer workshops of different scope and level, from beginner to advanced. Our experienced network engineers provide technical support both at the stage of network design, products selection and switches configuration.

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