A wavelength-division multiplexing technology has been available in the market for over 20 years now and from the very beginning revolutionized data transmission in optical fibres. Nowadays, the two WDM variants, mainly CWDM and DWDM technologies, have been widely used.

The main function of xWDM systems is collecting a variety of data streams and transmitting them over a single optical fibre, each on a separate wavelength. Depending on the technology applied we can transport 96 or more independent transmission channels where the capacity of a single channel may equal 200Gbps or more. A great advantage of xWDM systems is their scalability understood not only as the ability of adding additional channels, but also as aggregation of lower bit rates to a single lambda with the use of muxponders working in Layer 1.

A WDM technology gives you great opportunities – you can optimize the leasing cost of optical fibres on the one hand, and maximize the profit from your optical network infrastructure on the other. So, how to choose a solution that will meet your expectations?

In Salumanus we know how to build xWDM networks and owing to our own optical networks laboratory we can test and optimize every network before implementation. Our systems have already been working in hundreds of optical connections in the whole of Poland. Among those who have trusted our competence and experience are the largest telecoms, ISPs, clients form public sector and banking institutions. We support our clients both at the design and implementation stages and also in maintenance of the deployed networks by offering trainings, remote technical support and AHR (Advanced Hardware Replacement) services.

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