Why Salumanus?

Together, we create a place to achieve our professional goals and develop our passions.

Telecommunication Networks

We are a leader in the telecommunications industry. We support our partners in the process of building leading telecommunication networks, providing systems and components for stable and effective data transmission. We test, implement and share our knowledge, and lend a helping hand at every stage of your project.


SALUMANUS comes from two Latin words: SALUS, which means “helping”, and MANUS – “hand”. These two words combined best express our mission. Support is part of our DNA. Salumanus was created to make state-of-the-art technologies more accessible. We focus exclusively on fibre optic networks and strive for perfection in our field. Importantly, all our solutions are designed with respect for the natural environment. We want tomorrow to be better than today.

A new level of technology.

What sets us apart:

Founder's story.

See how Salumanus was created.

Our history.

Salumanus rests on a solid faith in the great power of networks, understood both as infrastructure and as groups of people who simply love the virtual world.

The company was founded in 2002. In Poland, 2002 was the heyday of internet cafes and pay-per-minute internet. Few were lucky enough to enjoy access to a broadband connection. And then a graduate of the AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków, a visionary with a passion for entrepreneurship, set up a business specialising in network development.

Today, Salumanus employs more than 60 people. We work with experienced network construction and management engineers, our partners include telecom giants, and we are frequently the first company to introduce a new technology to the global market.

New technologies are born in our own Fibre-Optic Lab. The knowledge base we have been building there will serve as a telecom bible for many future generations of network engineers.

Our brand, GBC Photonics, is working on the largest telecommunications projects not only in Poland but also in the world. Our clients’ success is our priority – we will take care of your investment performance, scalability and prepare you for the challenges of the future.

  • 20th anniversary of the company's foundation

  • SRD GO mobile application

  • We launch a Real Universal Optical Transceiver

  • Salumanus makes the Forbes Diamonds list

  • We start a daughter company, Salumanus LTD, with a head office in Manchester

  • We introduce 400G transceivers

  • We get the ISO 9001:2015 certification

  • We release the GBC Simple Recode Device – a device for transceiver configuration

  • We become the exclusive distributor of DCN solutions in Europe

  • We expand our fibre-optic lab thanks to EU funds

  • We create DCN partner training programme


More than 100,000 products in the market


Salumanus joins the elite club of the Gazelles of Business


We add 100G transceivers


We premiere our 40G transceivers


We expand our offer to include xWDM systems


We launch our own brand of network solutions, GBC Photonics

  • we open an R&D lab

  • we initiate a series of conferences known as the Dni Światła


We start Salumatrix – a knowledge base that serves as the foundation of our business development


Salumanus is founded


We are part of the National Chamber of Electronics and Telecommunications (KIGEiT), a not-for-profit organization that brings together business entities that manufacture, sell and provide services in the electronics and telecommunications sector.


We are part of the Lewiatan Confederation, the most influential Polish business organization. Lewiatan represents the interests of employers in Poland and the EU, fighting for a better business environment, better legislation, healthy competition, increased employment and stronger social capital.

Leading Telecommunication Networks.