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xWDM systems

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The WDM (Wavelength DivisionMultiplexing) technology allows to increase the capacity of the fibre-opticcable by multiplexing optical signals of various wavelengths, commonly referred to as “colours”. Because there are many different types of WDM (e.g. CWDM, DWDM, FWDM), the technology is often known as xWDM.

 WDM systems have already been present on the market for more than two decades, but the technology has grown in importance in recent years with the increased demand for greater data transmission. Depending on the properties of the system, xWDM enables data transmission over up to 96 independent channels.

 xWDM systems are scalable, which means that transmission can be expanded to cover more channels, but smaller bitrates may also be aggregated into a single lambda, using layer 1 muxponders.

 The technology opens up many possibilities. It allows you to optimise the costs of leasing optical fibres and helps maximise the profits from your own optic-fibre infrastructure.

What xWDM solutions should you choose to optimise your network? At Salumanus, we are here to help you out and offer a custom solution tailored to your specific needs.

 xWDM systems designed in our labwork in hundreds of fibre-optic connections throughout Poland. We have won the trust of telecom operators, ISP companies, as well as many public and banking sector clients.

 Our services include assistance in selecting the appropriate solution, as well as system design, implementation and maintenance. We will train your network engineers, ensure ongoing technical supporters and AHR (Advanced Hardware Replacement) services.

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xWDM components

Successful optimization.

Building a fibre-optic infrastructure is always costly and time-consuming. xWDM systems allow the throughput capacity of existing fibre-optic networks to be increased without installing new cables. The technology helps improve the use of existing optical fibres since it uses various wavelengths (frequencies) to transport data.

Our xWDM system family consists of two technologies:

  • CWDM – ideal for small and medium operators with metropolitan-wide networks
  • DWDM – ideal for connections between municipalities, ensuring several times more transmission channels.

The @GBC Photonics portfolio includes all the components you need to build a successful xWDM system:

  • CWDM multiplexers and demultiplexers;
  • DWDM multiplexers and demultiplexers;
  • Add/Drop WDM and DWDM multiplexers;
  • chromatic-dispersion compensators;
  • EDFA optical amplifiers;
  • solutions for active multi-node and ring systems.

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Alien lambda

Scalability and transmission development.

Alien lambda (alien wavelength) is a technology in which an “alien wavelength” operator can be directly connected to the DWDM system from the client’s device to increase the throughput capacity of existing DWDM networks or launch an encryption service.

Salumanus delivers a system to handle data transmission over the operator’s DWDM system.


  • your transmission service volume suddenly grows,
  • you need to build connections between two remote locations for several transmissions,
  • you want to launch a new service but cannot do so on your existing platform,

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Embedded in powerful systems.

An embedded system is a solution that allows optical modules to terminate directly in clients’ devices (switches, routers), allowing costly, closed transmission systems to be circumvented.

Optical modules compliant with MSA standards may be installed directly in endpoint devices, which significantly simplifies your transmission infrastructure.

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