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We design environmentally friendly network solutions. Systems that are less energy-intensive and devices that can be used flexibly and vary their use. Yes, to reduce the amount of e-waste.

Our eco-solutions
These include:

GBC Photonics Universal Optical Module

The module can be reprogrammed multiple times using the GBC Photonics SRD device. It allows you to implement services at different speeds, adapt to the existing fiber optic infrastructure, so it will serve even if the network parameters change.

QSFP-DD GBC Photonics Coherent Modules

They allow to significantly simplify the DWDM network topology by eliminating the need for transponders, thus saving up to 80-90 percent of energy

GBC Photonics InterConnection System

Thanks to the ability to combine several technologies in a single solution, it reduces the need for space in server rooms. The absence of the need to power the system allows for a smart and environmentally friendly approach to business.