We know that customer demands are increasing, the construction of new fiber optics is not easy, and the competition is not asleep. We will help you expand your network so that it is flexible and makes it easier to offer new subscriber services.

Salumanus Plus - our B2B platform

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Solutions for 
ISP operators

Get advice and technical support in the construction and expansion of the network. With Salumanus you will increase bandwidth and transmission efficiency.


Tired of congested network traffic
and compatibility issues?

Everyday problems with the network make it difficult to do business. From bandwidth limitations to unforeseen failures, improper transmission management generates unnecessary costs.

Universal optical modules

Gain flexibility in managing your optical module warehouse. Reduce equipment purchase and maintenance costs. And at the same time, minimize the risk of incompatibility and easily integrate with existing infrastructure.

Smart Recode Device GBC Photonics

Respond instantly to outages, increased bandwidth requirements, or the introduction of new services. With the ability to program modules for different network equipment providers, you can quickly adapt to changing network requirements.

Optimization of optical transmission with xWDM,
O-band, GPON

Maximize the use of existing fiber, increasing bandwidth and efficiency, without the need for costly investments in additional infrastructure. Tailor your services to a variety of needs, both short and long distances, with Active Systems and Alien Lambda.

Passive elements

Passive elements are a key component in network management. Good and repeatable quality and attractive price sets are the basis for optimal investments in infrastructure.

iPodWDM - Revolutionizing Your Network

Increase the bandwidth and performance of your network with iPodWDM. This technology allows IP data to be transmitted directly over the DWDM network, thereby reducing the need for signal conversion and increasing energy efficiency. Find out how we can help you implement it!

Benefits for your network

  • Technical consulting
    We help you understand and implement the most effective network technologies
  • Proven equipment
    Full range of optical solutions from 1G to 800G
  • Support and monitoring
    We implement new systems and ensure their continuous efficiency
  • Try and buy
    We provide equipment so that you can test it yourself

Our realizations

Case study with Beskid Media

The implementation with Salumanus contributed to the creation of a modern redundant backbone network, supporting both 10Gb and 100Gb transmission.

How to save on colocation in the data center?

Ringier Axel Springer used the GBC Photonics ICS cable space management system in his collocation. The effect? Savings and improvement of infrastructure.

How do we reduce the cost of maintaining the network by more than 60 percent?

USE STUDY: cooperation with a large company in the financial and insurance sector.



Support at every stage of the project


Own fiber optic laboratory