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Are you looking for specific knowledge, an experienced mentor and friendly people around? Are you a student or a student in the last grades of high school? It puts together great! Salumanus Career Lab is the place for you. Check out what we can teach you. Get your first work experience. Follow your plan.

What will we teach you?

The Salumanus Career Laboratory was created out of a passion for sharing knowledge. Whether you are planning a career in the technical or commercial department, you will learn the practical basics of your future profession with us. You will become a member of the team. You will see how innovative solutions are created.

Why is it worth it?

First experience in the profession is important. It is easier to find yourself in a new situation if you have a clearly defined plan and a good guide by your side. Internships at Salumanus are real projects, real challenges and competent people around.

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Development is not only horizontal or vertical advancement. Sometimes you need to change the scope of duties or department. The #SaluTeam stories show that nothing is impossible with us.


Junior Product Manager

I came to Salumanus just after the Technical School of Communications. I only planned short internships, meanwhile I have been working for more than two years now! Thanks to this, I was able to translate the theoretical knowledge gained at school into practical skills in network design and device configuration. The great thing is that now I can combine work responsibilities with studies. I learn from professionals and feel like this is my place!


IT Systems Administrator

These were good student practices. I had support and felt that my colleagues cared about my development. Quite smoothly, the internships turned into the first serious work in the profession. I am currently responsible for the management of ICT systems. Every day I learn something new!


Questions and Answers

Who are the internships at Salumanus for?

We invite students and high school students in particular technical majors.

How can I sign up for an internship?

These are just a few simple steps:

  • Fill in the form
  • If you are applying for an engineering internship, we will send you a test to check your level of knowledge. Solve it on-line and wait for contact from our site. If you are applying for other practices, just wait for contact from our site
  • The next step is an interview at the Salumanus headquarters in Krakow. We would love to meet you!

Remember! If you are a student and want to pass a compulsory internship, check on the website of your university what formalities you should complete. For example, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Cracow University of Technology, has posted information about internships here:

When and where

We arrange the dates of classes individually to best suit your needs and our possibilities. Engineering internships take place in technical departments: Optical Modules Department, Transmission Systems Department or Network Products Department of Salumanus in Cracow at ul. Walerego Sławka 8a.

What is the internship program?

During the internship, you become a member of the team. We will involve you in current tasks. But don't worry! Your guardian will watch over everything. The internship program largely depends on what field you are studying and what your university/school requirements are in this area. For example, in the position of a network engineer, the internship program looks like this:

Week 1
Optical Transmission Systems: From theoretical basics to own route — planning, compilation, measurement.

Week 2

Ethernet and IP networks: LAN switching based on DCN devices — design, configuration, implementation.

Week 3
Methods, techniques and tools for solving problems in ICT networks: Participation in solving real network problems — analysis, solution selection, implementation.

Week 4
Non-technical aspects of the engineer's work: analysis of customer requirements, review of available solutions, selection of solution.

Will I receive a document confirming that I have completed the internship?

Yes. You will receive a certificate confirming participation in the internships. We can also issue a certificate of admission and internship required by your university.

Can I come for an internship during high school?

Yes. We especially invite students of the last grades of secondary schools with a technical profile to practice engineering.


What makes us different?

After hours

Marathons, bike tours, regattas and joint preparation of the Noble Pack. Events that are repeated every year and those that we celebrate only once every 10 years.


We play as a team and support each other. We also like to know what drives us outside of work. Musician, beekeeper, photographer, marathon runner - after hours, many of us pursue interesting passions.

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Agnieszka Dominik

HR Business Partner