Is there a universal optical module?

Have you ever chosen to run a fiber optic cable and find yourself in a situation where, after arriving at the installation site and filling the insert in the indicated port of the switch or router, you saw the message “transceiver unsupported”?

For the sake of the culture of the language, I will leave out statements that were probably in your head at that moment.

Once the emotions had subsided, what could you do? One more trip to the warehouse, the return of the insoles you have, the download of new ones and another trip... The link finally works, but what does your calendar look like after such an event?

Usually in this case the question arises: how did it come about? Who was to blame? And again, several people take the time to determine the cause. Is it a designer? Or was the information contained in the passportization system not complete? Maybe the sales department did not settle everything with the client?

Or could we completely remodel the whole process? If so it could be downloaded from the warehouse insert “universal” and install in each device? Eh... how many people would have it easier then. Sales, designers, warehouse, engineer... But does such an “ideal” insert exist? How much does it cost? Will it pay off?

Probably the creation of such a universal insole, with a multitude of interfaces (SFP, SFP+, QSFP, QSFP28) and the type of inserts SR, LR, ER, ZR, would generate considerable costs that would have to translate into its price.

So let's try to figure out what should be done to simplify this process. The insert for the target device is installed at the last stage of the entire design and sales chain.

So, since we rejected the creation of a “universal” insert because of the cost, maybe we should equip the person who last “touches” the insert with the right tools? Tools that will allow you to “customize” the insert to work with any network device, with a single click...

When we think of such a device, questions immediately arise and give rise to doubts. After all, every now and then there are new versions of equipment, new interfaces, so even having such a device would require constant updating...

And if so... such devices would connect to the provider's cloud computing, updated on an ongoing basis? If, if necessary, it gave the possibility of remote assistance of a qualified engineer, and the only requirement would be a laptop with a USB port and Internet access?

That's all and much more you get from GBC Photonics. The device in question is SRD (Simple Recode Device). It allows you to change the configuration of optical modules, read diagnostics, change the wavelength... and much more.

What will you gain from SRD?

  • thanks to him you will have in stock universal inserts — you will adjust them before installation;
  • the engineer will not have to travel to the installation site many times - after all, each trip is an additional cost;
  • the designer or dealer will not have to ask the customer about the type of equipment in which the insert will be installed;
  • and finally... You will earn a lot more!
GBC Photonics continually carries out research projects and improves its products so that they work for you, not you for them.