Minimalism wins!


Minimalist design, functional housing designed to facilitate the transport and storage of more devices and a special notch for the power cable. This is how the housing design of the GBC Photonics Smart Recode Device optical module programmer by Michael Paul and Jacob the CatThe one that got the most votes from Internet users. Thus, he became the winner of the competition “For Sustainable Networks” organized by the company Salumanus.

- Appreciating the huge variety and high level of projects submitted in our competition, we decided to award a Special Prize to the second finalist - Mai Szymańska, whose work was met with the greatest recognition of current and future users of SRD GBC Photonics. This project was voted by the most of our customers — highlights Marcin Bała, president of Salumanus.

SRD GBC Photonics Enclosure proposed by Maja Szymanska is a simple, compact form. Properly selected off-white and graphite colors express lightness and elegance. Each port has its own protective insert, which is pulled out during the reprogramming of a given optical module.

A total of 23 designers and design teams prepared the competition works. The competition was really strong. The final projects were selected by the jury consisting of: Prof. Zbigniew Latała, Marcin Bała, Andrzej Wojnar, Rafal Kurosz and Michał Owca.

Among the finalists of the competition were: Jan Wilczak, Michał Pawlus and Jakub Kot and Maja Szymańska. The authors of the final projects will receive a prize of 2000 PLN, and the winners will receive an additional 3000 PLN.

The idea of SRD GBC Photonics was created in the laboratory of the company Salumanus. The optical module programmer had its premiere in 2019. Three years later, the SRDGo application was created, which allows you to quickly check the technical details and compatibility of GBC Photonics inserts. This information is collected in the private cloud of GBC Photonics and updated on an ongoing basis. The latest version of the programmer: SRD 5.0, in addition to additional technical functionalities, will be presented in a new case.

The partner of the For Sustainable Networks competition is Cracow University of Technology.