Designing and building an IT network in Western Camp

The project was carried out in cooperation with Base System.

Customer Profile:

Complex Western Camp is located near Energylandia Amusement Park in Zator and is stylized as a classic village from the American Wild West. The object has 600 seats accommodation in comfortable air-conditioned cottages, as well as original Indian Tipi or cowboy wagons. The hotel also offers a wide range of additional attractions for thrill-seekers and those looking for an original rest.

Partner Profile:

Firma Sistema de base is the manufacturer of the most advanced Electronic Customer Service System ESOK on the Polish market. The system offered by the company provides comprehensive services for sports and recreation facilities (such as: water parks, swimming pools, stadiums, sports halls, fitness, skating rinks, etc.), ski resorts, rental companies, amusement parks, workplaces and parking lots.

Description of the project:

The newly built hotel complex needed a stable and durable network infrastructure. In cooperation with our partner Base System, we designed and launched a new IT network based on the solutions provided by Salumanus. With a very fast construction time and exceptional specificity (several dozen connection points), it was necessary to design comprehensive IT solutions for this type of facility, without forgetting about its future expansion.


The IT infrastructure is based on reliable solutions of the DCN brand. These solutions allowed the Client to launch stable operating systems for the implementation of services provided in the hotel complex on the copper and radio infrastructure (WiFi) side, based on the company's professional solution 4IPNetwhich works very well with DCN products. Due to the profile of the facility, another challenge was to minimize the space needed in IT cabinets and connection points. In collaboration with Base

The system is designed new GBC Photonics modular switches, which contributed significantly to the allocation possibilities in the main server room, but above all in the target points. All solutions have been combined through the highest class optical modules and fiber optic patch cords from GBC Photonics.


Thanks to the implementation of solutions distributed by Salumanus, both in the field of switching, radio networks WiFi like and organization of server cabinets, The teletechnical infrastructure of the facility provides a complete transparency, scalability and is prepared for future expansion.

The construction of the network backbone and the execution of terminal connections using GBC Photonics products allowed to:

  • saving space in cabinets and cabinets by 50% compared to conventional solutions, due to the reduction of the physical size of the switches and the reduction of the number of wired connections (direct fiber optic connections to the switches via SFP modules),
  • connection optimizations through the modular design of the switches, which allows for a variety of hardware configurations (in module 1u the inclusion of a fiber optic and copper switch),
  • freedom of configuration of fiber optic switches, in terms of fibre technology (type of fibre and connector),
  • streamlining the preparation of documentation and descriptions of the connections made, thanks to dedicated spaces for describing the data of the connectors and modules.
DCN switches are used to make physical LAN connections. Their wide application allowed to:
  • limiting the number of mounted switches. Taking into account the specifics of the installation (small terminal connection), one model of the switch provides a wide range of network services: universal PoE/Non-PoE ports, built-in IPTV streaming mechanisms, VoIP services, CCTV monitoring support, WiFi Access Points support, ESOK (Electronic Customer Service System) devices support,
  • compatibility with modern AV transmission protocols, use on the premises of professional audio and video transmission protocols,
  • high throughput of single aggregation switches, fully managed,
  • ease of diagnosis and reporting possible network errors and malfunctions, thanks to built-in advanced network protocols, as well as cooperation with external reporting systems,
  • all client links 1Gbit, and on the backbone 10Gbit.
The implementation of the WiFi access network through 4IPnet solutions allowed to:
  • stability actions,
  • Limiting the number of APs needed without starting the network coverage, through the use of dual-band EAP737 antennas in hotel cottages,
  • ensuring Adequate signal level for all WiFi networks throughout the resort, thanks to the professional dual band antennas OWL630,
  • Building a fully customizable system Dual-band WiFi radio network based on a controller that allows; managing up to 150 Access Points, creating up to 16 active SSIDs, creating several different captiv portals, logging into the network using social networks (facebook, google+, tp. ),
  • full reporting and tracking users,
  • Possibility of integration with external systems such as: mailing systems, sms gateways,
  • Extensive management panel; creation of various kinds of surveys, advertisements, statistics.