Launch of DWDM system on the route Kraków — Katowice with 400Gbps bandwidth

The project was carried out in cooperation with the company S-NET.

Customer Profile:

S-NET is one of the largest telecommunications providers in southern Poland. The Company's offer includes modern ICT solutions, and in particular business telecommunications services, Data Center solutions including Cloud Computing. Currently, the Company offers its services throughout Poland, and since 2017 it has been offering online telecommunications services with the use of a modern configurator. S-NET is a member of the Polish Chamber of Informatics and Telecommunications, the National Chamber of Ethernet Communications, the Chamber of Electronic Economy and the organization that manages IP addresses in Europe — RIPE NCC.


In cooperation with SALUMANUS, S-NET launched DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing), a technique for multiplexing optical signals. The investment in question is an intercity system that operates in the Cracow - Katowice connection with a length of about 112 km.


To run the DWDM system, 2 fiber optic fibers were used. The main S-NET node in Krakow at 57 Królewska Street and the 4DC operator collocation at Adamskiego 7 Street in Katowice were adopted as demarcation points. The project is based on the products of Raisecom and GBC Photonics, offered and supplied by Salumanus.


The solution allows you to run 40 channels of 10Gbit each. The system is also ready to work on 100Gbit channels. First of all, it is intended for the Company's own needs, but it is already known that local and national operators will also benefit from the service.

The implementation of its own DWDM system on the route Krakow - Katowice is another step in the development of its own S-NET network. Today, the company has several hundred kilometres of fibre optic cables in Kraków and its own hubs in Kraków, Warsaw, Katowice and Łódź. The construction of the first section of the intercity network allowed the company to serve the needs of the operator market in Małopolska, as well as its own needs of S-NET.

Summarizes implementation Niko Bałazy - President of S-NET

Company offer on the website: S-NET