Launching a wireless network in a hospital

Project realized in cooperation with NEOSYSTEM

Customer Profile:

NEOSYSTEEM is an innovative operator of hotel, hospital and sanatorium television systems. It offers the most modern solutions on the market. To create the new brand, they used more than 20 years of experience in the industry, including as many as 10 years of operation as the Media Hotel brand. During this time, they have equipped more than 12,000 halls and rooms and entered into operational cooperation with more than 100 facilities throughout Poland.

Description of the project:

Key conditions Deployment of WiFi system there was stability of operation, full coverage of coverage, and most importantly measurement support. Due to the fact that the building was built in 1981, it was necessary to carry out site survey measurements on the object. This activity was aimed at confirming or updating the theoretical assumptions, determining the number and distribution of access points (APs).


Along with the WiFi system, they were provided network devices, supporting the whole system:

  • network controller WiFi
  • access points (AP)
  • network switches with PoE
  • aggregation switch
Benefits for the customer:

The implemented solution allowed to cover two blocks of the hospital. Working with Salumanus, the client received:

  • full design support wireless network and network infrastructure,
  • Accurate estimate the number of devices thanks to the measurements carried out on the object,
  • measurement documentation with range visualization.