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At nog.fi, Marcin Bała, CEO of Salumanus will discuss the possibilities of energy saving and network maintenance costs thanks to the implementation of the IP-over-DWDM system.

nog.fi is a biennial conference dedicated to Internet and hosting providers, held in Tampere, Finland. Some of the topics will cover practical routing security and data center automation.

The presentation of the President of Salumanus will be about the development IP-over-DWDM technology and how operators can make the most of this solution. The innovative technology can be used to increase network bandwidth in local, metropolitan and long-distance applications and allows users to scale their data needs while keeping monthly operating costs constant.

- IP-over-DWDM is currently one of the hottest topics in network optimization and helps operators achieve end-to-end services in the optical domain, without the need to convert the signal to the electrical domain — explains Marcin Bala. - At nog.fi, Salumanus will present the latest xWDM systems that enable the development of IP-over-DWDM and show how this approach simplifies network infrastructure, reduces costs for users and helps them save on energy consumptionand.

nog.fi will take place on June 22 at Original Sokos Hotel Ilves in Tampere, Finland. Welcome to the Salumanus stand!

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