10 transmissions per fiber

Case Study - Centrum Medyczne

When we talk about communication between two data centers, fast and reliable connections are the priority. Often we have multiple transmissions to run, and only single fiber optic fibers at our disposal. How to do this? The answer is only one: Active DWDM System.

And what if within one of the locations we have two server rooms, the main and the backup, which requires reliable communication with a remote location, even despite a power failure in the main server room. Then is Active DWDM System also a suitable solution?

Customer need:

The client required to run 4 10G Ethernet transmissions and 6 16G Fibre Channel transmission on 'day one' at a distance of approx. 20 km, with only a single optical fibre (1J) at its disposal. Location A consists of two independent server rooms: main and backup. The necessary requirement was that in the event of a power failure in the main server room at location A, the transmissions carried out between the backup server room at that location and the outbound server room should work continuously.

The second, equally important requirement was the ability to run further 10G Ethernet and 16G Fibre Channel transmissions without the need to retrofit the Active DWDM System with subsequent multiplexing or amplifying devices.

Requirements to be met:
  • possibility of self-commissioning to 20 independent broadcasts
  • All devices must have built-in redundant power supply
  • active devices must have possibility of remote configuration and diagnostics
  • transmissions performed from location A from the main and backup server rooms are to be independent of power failure in one of them
  • between location A and location B we have only one optical fiber available
Applied solution:

In order to be able to transmit over a single optical fiber, they have been used GBC Photonics 20-channel multiplexers. Only one multiplexer was installed at location A, and the available channels were divided between two server rooms. In order to reduce costs, when converting to a single transmission, optical modules with a lower Power budget 14dB and optical amplifiers of the EDFA type.

DWDM optical modules have been placed in transponders for line-side and client-side separation and easy network diagnostics. All active components are installed in the chassis, which allow Expandable up to 8 cards.

Benefits for the customer:

Thanks to the solution used, the client has running 10 independent broadcasts one fiber at a distance of 20 km. In addition, it has the possibility of continuous expansion by another 10 transmissions at a convenient time for itself. All network elements can be managed and monitored from a central management system.

The solution used also allowed make transmissions independent from the backup server room from the transmission from the main server room despite the use of a common optical fiber.