Case study with Beskid Media


DWDM infrastructure expansion for Beskid Media

Customer Profile:

Beskid Media is the largest local fiber optic network operator in Podbeskidzie. It serves more than 40 thousand subscribers and has more than 1500 km of its own fiber optic infrastructure. It builds networks in areas where access to the Internet has been limited so far.


The operator Beskid Media faced the problem of insufficient performance of the existing 10Gb DWDM system. Technological progress has made this system insufficient. New DWDM solutions offered higher speeds and improved performance. Without expansion, the existing system may not have met the increasing demands for throughput and reliability. Therefore, there was a need to modernize the system so that it would be possible to offer further subscriber services.

Suggestions for solutions:

Beskid Media considered two approaches: expanding the existing 10Gb DWDM system or building a completely new system, tailored to current and future needs.

The selection criteria are bandwidth, reliability, cost and ability for future expansion.

The proposal of Salumanus:

Salumanus suggested expanding the existing DWDM system to 100Gb. This solution made it possible to increase throughput and efficiency without the need to invest in completely new equipment.


The most important benefit of expanding an existing DWDM system is its scalability. Possible its further development with further transmissions of 10 and 100 Gb. In addition, the adaptation of existing equipment made it possible to avoid the cost of purchasing completely new equipment, especially since the equipment is still in good condition and can handle higher transmission speeds without signal loss.

Evaluation of the implementation with Salumanus:

- The implementation with Salumanus contributed to the creation of a modern redundant backbone network, supporting both 10Gb and 100Gb transmission. We can conclude that the network is prepared for future development and growing bandwidth needs. Thanks to the analysis of needs and the involvement of the Salumanus team, we received the appropriate technical support and all the necessary information during the implementation process. In conclusion, we are satisfied with its course and recommend Salumanus as a reliable business partner — evaluates Grzegorz Czarnota, Vice President of the Management Board of Beskid Media.