Construction of the ITS traffic management system


Mobilità Siemens provides proven products, innovative solutions and services designed to improve and optimize the traffic control process in cities. The company carries out numerous projects in the world and in Poland in the field of implementation and optimization of traffic management and control systems. Siemens Mobility's Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) are used by the largest Polish cities such as Warsaw, Kraków, Rzeszów, Poznań and Białystok.

Salutary offers a wide range of outsourcing services related to the maintenance and modernization of IT infrastructure. The company specializes in the design of solutions based on virtual systems and services “in the cloud”. Offers IT infrastructure modernization and migration services to scalable and secure solutions.

Description of the project:

ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems)) is a modern IT system that offers a wide range of technologies and management techniques that support traffic control on the streets. Through appropriate data collection and analysis, they can improve public transport in a broad sense in terms of communication, prevention, traffic control and management, incident detection, traffic surveillance or registration of traffic offences. The use of ITS provides many benefits such as improving road safety, increasing the efficiency of the transport system and improving the quality of the natural environment.

Roads and Urban Investments Board of the Municipal Office in Białystok acts as a road manager and at the same time manages traffic in the city. The use of traditional traffic management solutions and fixed-phase signaling has not been able to cope with the avalanche of vehicle traffic while ensuring a high level of safety on the streets.

The idea of the ITS implementation was countering the drastic increase in the number of vehicles appearing on the streets every day and ensuring adequate coordination with parallel transport investments. It is worth noting that Bialystok, as the only one in Poland, covered the entire area of the city. Thanks to this, it is possible comprehensive control and better setting of signaling work.


For the general contractor of the ITS system, network devices of the brands were delivered CTC Union and GBC Photonics. The use of reliable CTC Union switches and advanced GBC Photonics optical modules allowed Salutaris to Building a stable and flexible network infrastructure, used for the implementation of the ITS system.


Both GBC Photonics and CTC Union industrial solutions meet all standards for ITS requirements. The advantage of the offer of both manufacturers is a multitude of hardware solutions, as well as following the trends in the market. In addition, the devices have a number of solutions allowing for flexible design of Intelligent Transport Systems, eliminating many problems such as:

  • power failures
  • Ethernet communication failures
  • power supply to CCTV
  • power supply of devices with high power consumption
  • “Suspended cameras”