Reconstruction of the backbone network in Upper Silesia

Project realized in cooperation with Syrion

Partner Profile:

Syrion owns fiber optic infrastructure in the Mikołowski and Rybnik counties and the city of Żory, with a total length of more than 500 km. Thanks to it and the huge bandwidth based on the latest passive and active solutions, it can offer our customers the highest quality services, starting from the usual access to the Internet at any speeds, through real-time video transmission from surveillance systems to the delivery of digital IPTV signal of JAMBOX and METRO TV in HD quality.

Description of the project:In cooperation with SALUMANUS, SYRION rebuilt and modernized its backbone network. The DWDM system used allowed to increase the bandwidth from 10Gbit to 40x10Gbit (eventually it can be expanded to Nx100Gbit) and to extend the distance between the main nodes, whose distances reach up to 50 km.


Together with our client, we developed a solution based on GBC Photonics and Raisecom brand products, which enable the provision of data transmission service over long distances. Thanks to the implemented DWDM technique, it is now possible to transmit multiple signals of different wavelengths in a single fiber optic. In addition, the use of the MPLS protocol by the Client allowed to create a flexible network structure characterized by greater efficiency and higher level of security.


This solution made it possible to increase the available bandwidth in existing optical networks without the need for costly investments in new fiber optic tracts. Additional benefits for the customer are: increasing the reach by new areas, acquiring new customers, making the offer more attractive for existing customers of the company, increasing sales revenue, introducing new services and reducing transmission failures.