Redundant system for self-expansion

Commercial DWDM solutions allow you to run up to 48 transmissions on a 100 GHz network after two fibers. In most cases, however, it is not necessary to start all channels already on “day one”.

This reduces initial investment costs while maintaining maximum network capacity. Proper preparation of the system on the day of its installation means that the expansion with subsequent DWDM transmissions will be limited only to the commissioning of subsequent optical modules in their own switches.

Customer problem:

The customer between his locations for the purposes of the services sold compiled connections between both 10GbE, as well as 16G FC based on dark fibers. Despite the short distance of 10 km and the presence of a large number of fibers, it is associated with the need to commit significant resources and devote time to setting up a new connection.

Requirements to be met:
  • easy to start 48 transmissions after two fibers
  • 4 10G transmissions Ethernet for “day one”
  • redundancy all running transmissions (2 optical routes)
  • full hardware redundancy
  • installation of optical modules in customer switches
  • Easy and continuous expansion with additional transmissions
  • no need to use specialized equipment to start new connections
Applied solution:

Due to the high attenuation on the base and backup lines, it was decided to use the active DWDM system with 48-channel multiplexersi. GBC Photonics amplifiers mounted in a 1U three-strand shelf were used as active components. Thanks to this solution, the line-mapping work was performed only once for all 48 DWDM transmissions. Subsequent optical modules are installed directly in the customer switches.

The system allows you to start the transmission 10GbE or 16G FC redundantly on two optical routes without the need for additional measurements. This allows you to run the remaining available channels extremely quickly (44 streams) without incurring additional costs other than optical modules.

Benefits for the customer:

Use of an active DWDM system, allowing you to run on each of the routes up to 48 independent transmission channels, allows you to freely schedule subsequent transmissions. Moreover, each subsequent service only requires the installation of additional inserts directly in the client's devices. This approach allowed reduce the time it takes to provide further services from 4-6 weeks to several days.