The latest ICT network 4ipnet


Latest 4ipnet Wireless ICT Network Implemented by SAMSUNG Gulf — Dubai [Case Study]

Requirements and guidelines:
  • development Wi-Fi hotspots with limited free internet access for coaches and guests
  • access points that can handle large numbers of users and make the Wi-Fi network available over a larger area, which was extremely important for training rooms
  • Easy, fast and secure way to log in to the network
  • Customizable Captive portalsthat provide specific information to users and can be used for marketing activities.
  • the ability to collect information from guests. Name, email (with confirmation), phone number are the information that the principal wanted to collect in his own memory
  • setting speed limits and device limits per user
  • safe limits hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and annual for guests. Also providing statistics and accurate data usage reports.
  • Centralized system for managing and monitoring access points
  • development 100% wireless hookups without disconnection issues for coaches and guests
  • seamless connections between individual access points to ensure uninterrupted connectivity.

The company installed the following 4ipnet solutions for SAMSUNG Gulf Electronics

  • WHG325 Wireless LAN Controller
  • EAP767 Indoor Wireless Access Point

After a thorough analysis, SAMSUNG specialists decided that the 4ipnet solution would meet all their needs and bring satisfactory results. They decided to implement the proposed WHG325 Wireless LAN Controller and EAP767 Indoor Wireless Access Point.

  • the big challenge was to offer a Wi-Fi network that would be used by a huge number of users at the same time. The creation was made possible by EAP767 using the latest 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard offering 1.7Gbps speed including 3:3 X3 MIMO. This system allowed to serve such a large number of users. With a power of 25dBm, the EAP767 allowed to cover the desired area with the network
  • The WHG325 supports multiple WAN connections balancing bandwidth and offers dedicated bands for different zones. The device supports 80 access points and up to 200 active users
  • during the tests, the thesis of almost uninterrupted operation of the network was confirmed
  • used 4ipnet controllers allowed the service recipient to easily assign administrative rights
  • implemented an easy authorization system using social networks. This allowed us to collect additional data about users.