Blind Football Workshops


Blind football is a variation of football adapted to the needs of blind people, which is classified as B1. However, this does not mean that during the games we are always dealing with completely blind players - they often have a sense of light, which in itself can be a kind of help in the game. In various types of tournaments, people with visual impairments of varying degrees also play, who are classified as B2 or B3.

In order to level the playing field, everyone involved in the game is obliged to wear special goggles in front of their eyes, which block the field of vision. In addition, special patches and dressings are applied to the eyes. This is to eliminate the possibility of peeping.

It is worth adding here that the players classified as B1 (blind) are athletes who can participate in competitions of championship rank: Paralympic Games, World Championships, European Championships and the like. Players classified as B2 and B3 (low vision) cannot represent the strength of national teams, but they can freely participate in club competitions.

Salumanus supports Wisła Blind Football Kraków.

The workshops conducted by Wisła Blind Football Kraków players were a unique opportunity to face the challenge of functioning in the world of blind and visually impaired people.

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